Metopia Docs

Metopia's Focus

The vast amount of on-chain data is scattered across a multitude of platforms and applications, making it difficult to extract valuable insights. With the vast array of data available, it is essential for us to aggregate, consolidate, and utilize specific data points to turn them into well-defined schemas that can be used to establish on-chain identity and reputation.
Metopia focuses on providing a reputation system that is integrated with Web3 communities, allowing for the true utilization of Web3 data to create incentives, establish memberships, and provide proof through our MetoBadge protocol.
However, Web3 data still faces challenges that make data application difficult to scale, such as different data protocols providing different types of data, and integration of user data not directly fitting into a project's applications, requiring additional development.
Data Aggregation
Metopia integrates the following data from various sources, including RSS3, The Graph, Moralis, Ceramic, etc.:
  • NFT collection and ownership history
  • User governance history
  • Off-chain history from Gitcoin
  • POAP and SBT credential data
Through this data aggregation, Metopia aims to provide communities and projects with the tools needed to establish a transparent and trustworthy reputation system that benefits all participants in the Web3 ecosystem.