🎉Data Aggregator

Identity and Reputation

Metopia is building a decentralized credential system that aggregates user data from various protocols to enable onchain reputation. Reputation is rapidly evolving as a way for users to form their identity within networks, based on their actions and contribution, and is essential as it creates both opportunities and consequences.

The Metopia reputation system is a data aggregation frontend directly integrated with Web3 community use cases, allowing for true utilization of Web3 data. In the initial design, the following data will be integrated from sources such as RSS3, The Graph, Moralis, Ceramic, and more:

  • NFT collection and ownership history

  • User governance history

  • POAP and other credential data

  • User on-chain

The Metopia reputation system is directly integrated with the following use cases for community and project settings:

  • DAO governance

  • Incentive distribution

  • Launchpad

In the Web3 ecosystem, reputation is similar to the real world, where it comes in the form of status, eligibility, acquiring trust, and influencing decisions. Users can access actions based on their interactions and contributions within the ecosystem. Unlike Web2 applications where user data is often commoditized and exchanged without their consent or benefit, Web3 diversifies and deepens user interactions within various platforms, allowing users and communities to use their data to generate value for themselves.

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