🔆Thesis & Overview


Metopia's Growth-Oriented Credentials provide an exciting opportunity for Web3 users to discover various blockchains and engage with ecosystem projects. By claiming the credentials, users can earn Metopia XPs and build their on-chain reputation as a universal identity in the Web3 world. This incentivizes users to engage more deeply with blockchain ecosystems, helps them discover new possibilities and unlock rewards at the same time.

Metopia's Badge Protocol is designed to enable communities to record and recognize different on-chain contributions. Communities can leverage Metopia's diverse features to establish their own loyalty programs. The non-transferable badge protocol enables transparent recognition of contributions, customizable governance strategies, and a fair incentive system. This empowers communities to create transparent and equitable reward systems using non-transferable badges as the foundation. By implementing this approach, Metopia ensures that communities benefit from a transparent and fair community structure.

Our mission is to create an essential on-chain credential platform to connect users to the most potential and aligned communities. Beyond supporting user growth, our purpose to facilitate on-chain actions is to ultimately increase various opportunities for every individual and support them establish new Web3 identity with upgradable credentials.

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