🔮Use Case for Voting

Voting to earn, all in one badge

1. Points

Users earn points by participating in voting, and unlock rewards after participating in activities.

Update points, users can choose to update your points to your badge anytime, then it will be revealed on your badge. You can view badge details in Metopia profile or on element platform.

1.1 How to get the Points:

  • "Cheers" to your favorite team. "Cheers to Your Favorite Team“(Warm-up Phase 11/18-12/3) : Choose your favorite team and reward +5, +4, +3, +2, +1 points according to the 1st to 5th place in the voting.

  • Game prediction. "Predict Contest Voting Campaign" (During the World Cup Period): Predict the results of each game in the World Cup, and give different points rewards according to the strength relationship.

  • Sign in. +1 point/ day, max 32 points.

  • Invites. +1 point/ friend minted badge, max 50 points.

  • Hold Metopia Testnet SBT: Holding Metopia Beta Testing SBT, the initial points of the World Cup Badge received are 10.

1.2 Utility of Points:

  • Redeem a proportion of the ultimate prize pool.

  • Redeem other types of rewards provided by the sponsors or Metopia (NFT, etc).

2. Prize Pool

After the World Cup, you can join the corresponding reward pool with points (including USDT pool and giveaway pool)

2.1 Prize Pool Points Requirements

USDT Prize Pool: Users can earn points and unlock different levels of prize pools.

  • Primary pool: 90 ≤ Points, up to 1500U.

  • Advanced pool: 180 ≤ Points, up to 3000U.

  • Lucky Draw pool: 30 ≤ Points, initial pool is 1500U, users can donate 1U(max 10U) to join this pool.


  • If Ann gets 100 points during the campaign, then she can join the Primary pool.

  • If Ann gets 200 points during the campaign, then she can join the Primary pool & Advanced pool.

  • If Ann gets 30 points during the campaign, then she can join Luck Draw pool. She can donate up to 10 USDT and wait for the final LuckyDraw pool draw result. If she is drawn as lucky one, she can win the prize by the drawn order. If she is not drawn, she can share 20% of the LuckyDraw pool rewards with other users.

Giveaway: For other campaign rewards, enter different giveaway pools upon the points threshold.

  • Kikitrade pool: SBT Holder

  • MetaDojo pool: 50 ≤ Points

  • Olandbox pool: 40 ≤ Points

  • Kokonut pool: 70 ≤ Points

  • Vendetta DAO pool: 90 ≤ Points

  • Lululand pool: 105 ≤ Points

  • Matrix World pool: 120 ≤ Points

  • Mimic Shhans pool: 120 ≤ Points

2.2 Campaign Rewards

  • Primary pool: The base reward is 1000 USDT. As participants increase, larger prize pool will be automatically unlocked. Evenly distributed.

  • Advanced pool: The base reward is 2000 USDT. As participants increase, larger prize pool will be automatically unlocked. Evenly distributed.

  • LuckyDraw pool: The base reward is 1500 USDT. Users can invest at least 1U and up to 10U, 1U = 1 vote. 3 lucky users are randomly selected (1st: 50%, 2nd: 20%, 3rd: 10%). 20% of the prize pool will be divided equally among the users who did not win.

  • Kikitrade pool: Receive Kikitrade "Fuel".

  • Olandbox pool: 5 x Olandbox NFT.

  • MetaDojo pool: 5 x Dojos NFT.

  • Kokonut pool: 25 SBTs (Powered by Metopia).

  • Vendetta DAO pool: 5 x Single pack genesis NFTs.

  • Lululand pool: 4 x Lululand NFTs.

  • Matrix World pool: 1 x Matrix World Land NFT.

  • Mimic pool: 3 x Mimic NFTs.

2.3 Lottery Method

Primary pool & Advanced pool: Evenly distributed.

Kikitrade pool: SBT holders can claim Kiki Fuel.

Lucky draw & other giveaway pools: Random selection & Raffle

P.S. Winners are generated by random factors including block hash.

2.5 Draw Time

  • On the end of the World Cup.

  • Users can update their points and participate in the corresponding prize pool within 48 hours.

  • The results of the sharing of the prize pool and the lucky draw will be announced within 24 hours after the end of participation.

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