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Use Cases for Reputation in NFTs and Metaverses

The end goal for many Metaverse and NFT communities is to become fully decentralized through the operations of a DAO. However, Metopia acknowledges that these projects do not yet have a fully-functioning DAO. Below, we will explore Metopia's services and suggest scenarios in which our MetoBadge Protocol and Raffles and Reputation systems may benefit their communities.


Communities can reward users through MetoBadges. With data aggregation through Metopia, communities can reward wallet addresses with MetoBadges for members that achieve significant milestones. Examples include holding periods and types of NFTs held (traits, OG Membership tiers, etc.).

Planning for Future DAO Operations

Use the badges as a reference for perceived "valued members" in the community and create governance roles and incentives through them.


Engage and incentivize members through a lottery system. Create demand for NFTs through raffle campaigns, as communities are able to set the requirements to private or public.

  • Private - Users that meet the requirements are able to join. Examples of requirements include Discord Roles and NFT Holdings.

  • Public - Any user with a Web 3 wallet can join, creating awareness for the project.

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