🕹️Use Cases

Use cases for communities

The reputation is directly integrated with the following use cases on Metopia for community & project settings:

  • DAO governance;

  • Incentive distribution;

  • Launchpad.

Scenarios to use Metopia

Communities need the tools to verify a certain activity has been carried out. Below are examples of a few scenarios.

Participation, Collaboration and Contribution

Examples of user's engagement are as follows

  • Voter participation

  • Engagement and attendance IRL and online

  • Work contribution

  • Treasury management

  • Donations to public goods

Reputation and Influence

Establishing Web 3 reputation and influence contains various factors.

  • Credentials obtained

    • POAP, NFTs, SBTs, OATs, Fungible Tokens

  • Voting History

  • Community memberships and endorsements

Granting Entry

Users gaining access into a particular community through

  • Sybil-resistant identity verification

  • Verification of asset holdings

  • Social-media verification

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