Build on Metopia badge protocol

Non-transferable Badge Protocol

The MetoBadge protocol allows communities to create, issue and manage their SoulBound Tokens.


  • Non-Transferable: The function of non-transferability comes from the idea of a SoulBound Token, therefore creating a more transparent ecosystem as MetoBadges are not purchasable in the second time.

  • Minting: Communities and authorized signers can generate an EIP712 voucher which will trigger the mint process once claimed by the member.

  • Upgradable credentials: The functions of the Badge allows community to create and issue credentials due to their users' onchain actions and contributions to their project.

Some common examples of the MetoBadge use-cases for communities:

  • Proof of Membership

  • Proof of Contribution

  • Proof of Partnership

  • Credential-based Voting

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