🔮Use Case for Quests

Quests keep your onchain activeness in the specific periods

Metopia Quest is the place to guide participants with onchain actions and foster sustainable onchain activeness.

Metopia play the role as creator who selects potential onchain interactions on Base chain every week. At current stage, Metopia XP is the only reward to Quest participants. We will support more reward types as Tokens and NFTs when we involve more projects as the creator. At the heart of the ecosystem are onchian interaction Rewards — the mechanism designed to incentivize all onchain contributions. The equitable distribution of rewards encourages ongoing engagement, ultimately boosting protocol growth and crypto participation.

We believe more and more users will turn to onchain player and establish their own onchain profile. A growing population of individuals will look to break away from traditional corporate structures and discover new onchain financial opportunities. Contributing to protocols will become one of the most common jobs on the Internet.

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