🍊Mint Metopia Star Badge

Metopia Star Badge, along with various Credentials, ensures decentralized operation for millions of users. The badge requires an annual fee of approximately 0.007E for onchain registration and upgradable credentials storage.

Here are steps to mint Metopia Star Badge and build your onchain reputation.

  1. Go to Metopia.xyz and connect your wallet.

  2. Click "Mint" on the right and sign your wallet.

  1. Get some ETH (annual fee+gas) on Base network, where Star Badge was deployed, and click "Proceed."

  1. You've minted Metopia Star Badge successfully! Now you can share it on Twitter, or check it on your Metopia Profile and Opensea. 💡 Metopia Star Badge has five

  1. Now you can complete newbie tasks and start exploring your onchain credentials.

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