🥳Claim and update credentials

Metopia Credential, similar to an in-game medal wall, is the key middleware to help you monitor your real-time onchain progress, picture your onchain profile, and strategically establish your onchain reputation.

Here is the tutorial for you to claim and update your onchain credentials.

  1. Go to Metopia.xyz and connect your wallet, click on "Credentials" on the top bar.

  2. Click "Check all eligibility" on the right to simply check the credentials you're eligible to claim.

  1. "Claim" all the credentials you're qualified and collect your XP rewards. You can also click the "Take action" to make an interaction right now.

4. You can "update" your onchain progress to monitor real-time actions when you have more interactions with the underlying project. For example, in the "Aerodrome Swapper" credential, "Value 1" means historically I made one swap on Aerodrome, Base network; and I can update the credential value when I have more swaps as time goes by.

  1. Click on any of the credentials, you can see details about the underlying project and the credential itself, including a mini leaderboard on the right that showcases the interaction progress of other credential owners.

  1. Back to the Credentials page, click on "Collections" and you'll see multiple strategic collections, containing the credentials with a similar topic, to help you explore the ecosystems with a clear purpose.

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