๐Ÿ”†Blast Points

Blast Points

Metopia distributed 100% of Blast Points to our users. Blast Points are distributed by the Blast Protocol to EOAs or contracts assuming theyโ€™re configured correctly) that hold ETH/WETH or USDB. Points accrue over time at a linear rate based on your ETH and USDB balance, as per official Blast documentation. You can find how many points soon on our Blast Interface.

Contract Addresses

  • Blast Points API Contract: 0x6D9e5B24F3a82a42F3698c1664004E9f1fBD9cEA

  • Blast Points Operator: 0x3cbAee4F65B64082FD3a5B0D78638Ee11A29A31A

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