How to Create a Raffle Event?

1.Create Raffle.

  • Find create button in your space.

2.Set Basic Information.

  • Event Name.

  • Event Introduction: a description of the Raffle event, including the restrictions on participation, how to participate, rewards, etc.

  • Starting time and duration.

  • Cover: recommended scale 4:1

  • Set Rewards: Create non-transferable badge

    • Num: 1 ~ 20 SBTs

    • Pic: Recommended scale 1:1

  • Preview of the Raffle: ncludes preview of Raffle activity interface, SBTs design and other parameter settings.

3. Set Entries.

Choose the two participants type:

  • Public: Where the event is open to all users.

  • Private:

    • Holders: import NFT contract address.

      • "All holders" - the raffle event is open to all NFT holders.

      • "Restricted" - advanced settings based on Traits and Loyalty (number of NFT holdings and holding period).

    • Discord role: add Metopia Bot to the community and set up according to discord roles.

P.S. We recommend projects that want to create raffles for their community through token holders and/or NFT holders to set their requirements to Private, as this does not allow non-asset holders to join.

4. Confirm Settings

After finishing the above steps, click "Confirm" to complete the creation of Raffle Event.

You can share links to Raffle events on social platforms (Twitter, etc.) or in the community (Discord, Telegram, etc.) .

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