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Metopia Raffle is where projects and communities are able to empower all contribution recordings in a more accurate way. Our raffle allows community operators to set eligibility rules according to the members' contribution history. Specifically, the optional rules include three aspects: discord roles, activities in governance, and loyalty to products (interaction frequency & asset holding status).

On the product end, projects will be given the option of setting the Raffle entries through public or private entries.

a) Public Entries.

  • Where the event is open to all users.

b) Private Entries.

  • Specified NFT Holders: After providing the contract address, Raffle creators are able to filter through more options:

    • Option 1 is to specify Raffle entrants through specific traits and/or metadata.

    • Option 2 is to specify Raffle entrants through Holding Periods of the NFT.

  • Discord Roles:

    • Only specified Discord roles are allowed to enter the Raffle. This is encouraged for token-based communities and/or communities that operate through off-chain activities.

P.S. We recommend projects that want to create raffles for their community through token holders and/or NFT holders to set their requirements to Private, as this does not allow non-asset holders to join.

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