Make right proposals and lead the crowd

1. Proposal Dashboard

  • Overview: governance data overview of the whole space including proposals, the numbers of voters, and the total voting power.

  • Create a proposal.

2. Who Can Raise a Proposal ?

There are three ways to set "who can raise the proposal" :

a) Discord Roles: Admin are able to define the empowered Discord roles.

b) Loyal Members: Authentication based on member's VP. Admins need to set the minimum amount of voting power(VP) required to create a proposal, like 0, 1, 2, etc.

  • If Loyal members is set to 0, it means that any user can raise a proposals;

  • If Loyal members is set to 1, it means that a user with at least 1 VP is required to raise a proposal.

c) Assigned Members: Specific addresses can raise a proposal.

3. Create a Proposal

  • Tap "create a proposal"

  • Write the title and content.

  • Set the proposal duration.

  • Set the options for voting. There're three default options, "For", "Against" and "Abstain."

  • Once the settings are complete, click "Publish" to make the proposal public.

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