Customize on-chain actions-based achievements

  1. Select a collection you've created.

  2. Click on "Create achievement" on the right.

  3. Filled out the required information, name, description, image, and CTA link. ๐Ÿ’กNote: you're customizing an on-chain-actions-based achievement, meaning all addresses that fulfilled the criteria can claim this achievement. For example, the illustration below shows anyone who claimed 1+ Metopia achievements can claim this one.

  4. Click on "Next," and choose "Customize" as the entry. Fill out the smart contract information as the on-chain action source. Note๐Ÿ’ก: If the contract language is a bit tough for you, try the sample source shown in the picture below. It refers to the "Mint" action on the MetoBadge smart contract. Contract address: "0x976D657aa6492f6508E154D084c5A60d0411d2fc" Action: "Mint" Criteria: "Address from" Rules: "1 action1>=1"

  5. Click on "Next" and you can flexibly choose to attach some points to this achievement.

  6. Click on "create" on the bottom and confirm the transaction, then an achievement is created successfully.

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